2018 Walden Fire Dept. Annual Meeting

Incident Date: 
December 7, 2017

On December 07, 2017 the Walden FD held its Annual Dept. Meeting to have an election for its 2018 Officers and 2018 Chief nominees.

Great job and congratulations to all and thank you for your service!

Here is the list of the Elected and Nominated 2018 Firematic and Civil Officers:

Firematic Officers:

Chief: Charles McNeely (Car 1)
1st Assistant Chief: Larry Sager (Car 2)
2nd Assistant Chief: Demetrios “Jim” Totonis (Car 3)
3rd Assistant Chief: Frederick Williams (Car 4)

Captain: George Brown (Car 7)
Captain: Craig Buccieri (Car 6)
Captain: Michael McNamee (Car 8)

1st LT: Brad Davis
1st LT: John Stabner

2nd LT: Cliff Barnes
2nd LT: Jim Grismer
2nd LT: Thomas Wutz

Civil Officers:

President: Rich Sager
Vice President: Demetrios "Jim" Totonis
Recording Secretary: Kristie Hall
Financial Secretary: Kevin McColl
Treasurer: Carrie Sager
Sgt. at Arms: Barry Estep
Asst. Sgt. at Arms: Michael Vermilling


Matthew Collins
Reuben Enchautegui
Gary Kurtz
Sam Phelps
Paul Pullar
George Ronk
Chris Ryan
Patricia Williams


Rev. James Van Houten

Emergency: 911  or  000.000.0000     Non-Emergency: 000.000.0000