MCI (Active Shooter) Drill @ Walden

Incident Date: 
June 26, 2017

On 6/26/17 the Walden Fire Department participated in a joint agency Active shooter drill with local Police Departments and EMS. This was the first hands on drill where the multiple disciplines worked together and formed "Rescue Task Force" consisting of Fire EMS and Police, to make entry into the area to treat and remove wounded civilians.

It was a great drill and all Agencies worked hand in hand to better protect and serve our public. This being the first time a joint exercise like this was conducted the results obviously exceeded everyone's expectations! In fact it was like all the agencies have been "drilling" together for years. It's truly an example of the Professionals that are here to serve the community.

Great job to all and it is our honor to serve all of you! Let's hope we never have to utilize these "skills" in a real world evolution!

Emergency: 911  or  000.000.0000     Non-Emergency: 000.000.0000